Why You Don’t Want To Be A Fan Of Jesus Christ: Fan vs. Follower

Before you pray bolts of lightening upon me, the truth is you don’t want to be a fan of Jesus Christ. You want to be known as a Follower of Christ.

The distinction between a fan and a follower is very important to understand, crucial really.

Here are 20 distinctions between Fans and Followers:

1We become mere Fans when we decide to believe in Jesus yet don’t make the commitment to Follow Him.

2Following Jesus isn’t something you can do at night when no one notices.

3. When a message challenges, do you see it more as an interference with your life? Or is it a chance to become more like Jesus?

4. Do you have some form of Cafeteria Christianity, where your fine with everything as long as it doesn’t interfere with how I want to live life? For example, you pick and choose what messages you want to follow and those you do not because it doesn’t fit your lifestyle?

5. Do you see worship as something that should entertain? Do you go more for the show versus the vision? If so, your a Fan.

6. Following Jesus isn’t comfortable nor easy – Fans go home in the rain – Followers stick it out.

7. You must put serving Jesus above everything else – Fans let other things come first – Followers make following a priority.

8. Fans will occasionally root for another team – Followers are die hard, nothing else matters.

9. While a “fan” of Jesus only wants to be in the fan club as long as Jesus is doing something spectacular, a follower marvels at all of Jesus’ works – even the quiet moments seen by few – and wants to live his live in the same way.

10. Followers are committed. Fans can be fickle.

11. Followers trust their leader. Fans trust their leader only when it benefits them.

12. Fans put God in the back of their priority list. To a fan the priority order is: me first, then God. The Follower strives to make it God first.

13. Followers ask “what have I done for you?” lately. Fans ask “what have you done for me lately?”

14. A follower is required to take up the Cross daily, but a Fan rarely is faithful to this because it’s not pleasant anymore to die to self daily.

15. Fans tend to want the mountain top experiences, but when there are valleys, the fans have fled.

16. Followers share Him publicly, Fans celebrate Him privately.

17. Followers love one another. Followers love their enemies. Fans pick and choose who they love.

18. “Fans don’t mind Jesus making some minor change in their lives but Jesus wants to turn our lives upside down,” he has stressed. “Fans don’t mind him doing a little touch up work, but Jesus wants a complete renovation.” - Pastor Kyle Idleman.

19. “Many people today, they want to call themselves Christians, they want it to be their identity,” Idleman said. “But when you call yourself Christian then you are saying you are a follower of Christ and a lot of us who follow Christ close enough only want to get the benefits of the relationship but not be so close that it requires a commitment or sacrifice.” - Pastor Kyle Idleman.

20. Followers are in for the long term. Fans are in for the short term.

I think we all struggle with being more than mere fans of Christ. In our hearts we have great intentions, but it is the follower that can overcome that which is hindering them from taking action, and obeying His word.

God wants us to be Followers, those that respond and obey His commands. It is these followers that experience real joy and blessing in life.

The main difference between a Follower and Fan is this:

Followers follow Christ withersoever He goes and they hear and respond to His voice.

Now you know why you don’t want to be a fan, even if it’s a raving fan of Jesus.

Wouldn’t you rather be a Follower of Christ, instead?

Go ahead and state it boldy: “I’m not a fan!” Make your statement on twitter now.

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  • Rosann

    You are an incredibly talented writer and such an inspiration.  I just love this post.  I feel like I say that on every comment I leave for you on this blog!!  LOL!  Tweeting this one out now.  You are glorifying God my friend.  Great job! 


  • http://www.myoneresolution.com/ Don McAllister

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate you!

  • geneva

    Thank you for the truth. Before I ministered this word I had to stop to see where I was in this part of my relationship with christ. Be Blessed.

  • http://www.myoneresolution.com/ Don McAllister

    Thanks, God bless!