Weekender: Prolific Writing, Live A Great Love Story, & UNTITLED ebook

This is just a glimpse of what I was reading this past week. Here are my favorites for your reading edification. Enjoy!

eBook of the Week:

Blaine Hogan completed his new book UNTITLED: Thoughts on the Creative Process. Blaine is an actor and the creative director at Willow Creek in Chicago.

I read this book and it was great!

A few quotes from the book:

“No one cares about your ideas or how great a pitch-person you are if you can’t execute your vision.”

“Never, ever, ever, undersell something so that you can over deliver. That is what scaredy cats do.”

“Vision is easy. Ideas are even easier. It’s execution that separates the amateurs from the pros.”

Quote of the Week:

“Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.” -Oprah

What have you been reading this past week? Please share below the one that resonated with you the most.

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