The Secret To Becoming A Great Finisher: Finish What You Started

Most of us are fairly good at starting things, but completing them is another story. Usually we have lots of energy, enthusiasm and motivation at the start, but somewhere along the way we derail off the path. We never end of completing that thing we started, and feel bad about ourself for not sticking to it. In this post, I will tell you about the secret to become a great finisher.

That new year’s resolution you started in January…where are you with it now? That project you started last month, is it completed? Why are most people great starters, but poor finishers? Is there something they have that we don’t that enables them to finish well?

From my experience, the secret to becoming a great finisher, is to only be satisfied when that thing you started is actually completed. It’s saying our good intentions are not good enough. We must finish this thing, and only then will we be satisfied.

Too many people get off the path to completion, because they change their perspective along the way. They stop and look at how far they have come instead of how much they have left to go.

Of course, no one wants to look at how far they have left to go. They would rather look at how far they have come:

  • A dieter may choose to think how much weight they lost already versus how much they actually planned on losing.
  • A student with a goal of getting a 4.0 GPA for med school, may choose to look at the good grades they already achieved, instead of focusing on the two more years of college they have left.
  • A marathon runner may choose to look at how far they have come, instead of the distance they have yet to complete.
  • A blogger with a goal of 5 posts per week may choose to look at the 3 posts they have completed already, instead of the 2 yet to go.

The problem with this viewpoint comes when you get that sense of accomplishment before the actual goal itself is completed. What tends to happen is you feel you can add another goal to your plate and start working on it also. This is how we lose focus. We end up trying to complete multiple objectives at once, and success rarely happens that way.

How To Become A Great Finisher

So now you know the secret to becoming a great finisher. Here are some other excellent tips to help you complete what you started:

  • Be satisfied not with how far you have come already, but when you have actually completed it.
  • Commit your goals to writing. Great finisher’s don’t just walk around aimlessly, they take the time to write down their goals.
  • Focus on the goal, and work hard to overcome the resistance (that inner voice that says you can’t do it).
  • Develop an action plan that you will review daily. This will give you the highest probability of following through with your plan.
  • Share it with the world, or at least your friends and family. Have an ongoing dialogue with yourself and others to keep the goal real and alive.

I believe that you can become a great finisher. Apply these tips, and most importantly: don’t congratulate yourself for doing a job half-done.

Question: What experiences have you had in trying to complete your goals? Please share below.

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