Skittle Money Management: Tithing

This concludes the series on money management, delivered by Greg King of FiveStones Church (4/10/11).


  • There is some confusion with this topic: What if we are in debt? What if things are really strapped? etc…
  • It is a faith step.

10 Jars of Skittles

  • So the 10 Jars represent your income. To keep it really simple: the 10 Jars = $10 income.
  • What is the tithe of $10? Most would pick one of the jars.
  • But the question is: of those 10 jars, which is the first? It comes down to priorities.
  • Some of us fall into trap of waiting until we have all 10 jars of skittles and then give God what’s His.
  • You can be giving 10% to God, and still be in disobedience to God!
  • God is after our heart, and so many times to get to our hearts, He goes through our wallet.
  • If you ask someone who tithes correctly, you will find them saying they live a blessed life.
  • Ask the same question to someone who does not, and you will likely find them saying opposite.
  • How we deal with money tells us a lot about someones loyalties and priorities.
  • If we are not careful, money can take priority and we can become scare to death of this area.
  • What if you apply this spiritual principle of first fruits? what will happen with our finances?
  • I hope you see a freedom, and that if you do apply it, that it could revolutionize your life!
  • It is funny how we pick and choose laws: tithing is not only a spiritual law, but also a spiritual principle.

Principle of FirstBorn (FB) / FirstFruits (FF)

  • Exodus 13. FB is always HIS. It belongs to Him
  • vss 12-13: you either sacrifice the FB or you redeem it.
  • That FB will either be clean, spotless, without blemish and be sacrificed. But if there is anything wrong with it, then it has to be redeemed. There will need to be a substitute to redeem it.
  • Very interesting note: when the 1st lamb is born, it is impossible for that person to know if there will be another born. Yet God still wants that firstborn as His. This requires a faith step on our part to give first.
  • You are giving to God before you know if your going to have enough!
  • Everything is at stake here…this is a spiritual issue. HE wants to be first in your heart!
  • God is saying: If you give me the sacrifice, trust me to bless you with the rest.
  • While it would be so much easier once we have all 10, that is not an act of faith.

Spiritual Blessing

  • There is a spiritual blessing attached to tithing in this way.
  • The FIRST PORTION is the redemptive portion…that is where the blessing is triggered.
  • Where do you give this first portion? Exod 23:19 – to the church! not to compassion international, world vision, missionary, or any other organization.
  • But for a lot of us, when we give the first portion of our paycheck, we do the math and have no idea how we are going to meet the rest. This is why it is an act of faith.


  • Don’t give God your leftovers, give Him your best.
  • Some may say they can’t afford to, but God would say you can’t afford not to!
  • He would say holding back is like robbing Him.
  • That may be why a lot of us are still in the messy situations we are in financially.
  • And KNOW that He will do it!
  • Malachi 3:8-10 ESV: “….put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts..”
  • What would happen if you put God to the test this next month?
  • And still learn how to manage His money better during this whole process.
  • Genesis 4: both boys brought an offering: one brought a lamb, the other from the works of the ground. Very interesting wording on Cain’s offering: “In the course of time Cain brought to the Lord…” IN THE COURSE OF TIME!
    • It gives you the idea that he kept collecting until he had all 10, and then brought to the Lord his one.
    • But the other brother gave immediately, putting his trust in God to provide the rest. THAT IS WORSHIP.
  • Give to a church you can trust.

Behold the lamb of God

  • John 1:29. John the Baptist looked up and said: “Behold the Lamb of God.”
  • God gave His firstborn.
  • Here we are with all the blemishes, needing to be redeemed.
  • Christ died while we were still sinners…that’s an act of faith!

Final Points

  • We might owe a credit card company debt, be we owe God a debt too!
  • It is the Christ follower that understands this is how He gets our heart.
  • I wish I could tell you to ease in and start with 1%, but that is not obeying God’s spiritual law and principle of tithing.
  • Ultimately why don’t you put Him to the test?
  • Don’t give God your leftovers, Give Him your best!


Skittles: Give Them Away from Five Stones Church on Vimeo.

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  • M L Zyskowski

    Honour the Lord with thy substance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase: So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine (juice). Proverbs 3 : 9,10 KJV

    To every promise of God, there is a condition. When we fulfill the condition, FIRST; then God is obligated to keep and fulfill His promise.