Fathers: How To Become A Warrior For Your Family

Fathers, it’s time to put on your armor and fight. Your family is under attack. Your children are under attack. The enemy is roaming around, looking for someone to devour. And it may very well be your daughter who’s next. Are you fighting for her? Your wife is under attack. Are you fighting for her?

The walls of so many families are in ruin. The defenses are down. And why? Because father’s have remained neutral. They may be well-intentioned, have a great heart, but that’s as far is it goes.

The brutal fact is your intentions mean squat when it comes engaging the enemy. Actions are what matters most.

As a warrior father, you are called to action!

Here is what you need to do:

1. Realize there is an enemy

Are you comfortable? Are you complacent? That is an ominous sign the enemy has you right where he wants you.

Most fathers are willing to fight when they see their family, especially their wife and children, under attack. But most don’t even realize that is taking place, and thus don’t bother to build a wall of protection around them.

But realize the enemy is real. Just look at the evidence:

  • He mocks your children.
  • He lies to you.
  • He discourages your son.
  • He distracts your wife from doing God’s work.
  • He causes you to feel incapable, inadequate, even worthless.
  • He damages you wife’s self-esteem.
  • He grips you with fear, immobilizing you from taking appropriate action.

Every day your wife and children are under attack. You are under attack. The enemy is attacking their minds with thoughts contrary to the truth. He is seeking to destroy whatever good is in your family, to pin one against the other, to get you feeling inadequate, and to motivate you to do things contrary to God’s will.

2. Build a wall of defense

As a father, you have to build a hedge of protection around your family. You do this by:

  • Praying for protection:

The most powerful weapon every father has is the ability to pray for a hedge of protection around his family. Job, a very upright man, experienced this protection, and the Enemy noted its effectiveness against him: “Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side?” (Job 1:10)

  • Being a good role model for you children:

Practice what is preached. Don’t be that parent that always says “Do as I say, not as I do.” Children learn best by example. You set the tone of your whole family. Will they become someone who follows through with their intentions, or will they be like you: had great intentions, but never put it to action. Instead, try to be the father who can proudly say, as Paul said, “Follow me, as I follow Christ.”

  • Becoming a servant leader:

Become the greatest advocate for your wife and children. Keep your primary focus on encouraging, supporting and enabling them to unfold to their full potential and abilities.

  • Managing your money well:

When you have the wrong attitude about money, or if you are living beyond your means, your essentially weakening the wall of protection. Learn to give God your first-fruits, and you will experience a much reinforced wall. Learn to spend consciously, with a plan, and with prayer.

  • Managing your time well:

The enemy wants you to work longer hours, and take you away from time spent with your family. He wants you to think success will only happen by spending ridiculous amounts of time away from your wife and devoting it to your work instead. Our family looks at our actions to see our priorities. What message are we communicating by how we spend out time?

3. Never Let Your Guard Down

Never become complacent. You can be sure that when you are doing God’s work, the enemy will surely attack. He will not relent.

If scripture tells you how marriage is to be, that is God’s work, and you can be sure the enemy will attack. Therefore, you must stay on guard always, and continue to grow in Christ, and continue to repeat step 2 above.

Men, God is longing for you to be a warrior for your family. Your family is longing for you to step out onto the battlefield and become warriors. May you realize you have been called to fight for a cause.

It’s time to mobilize. Put on your armor. Pick up your sword. Take action today.

This post inspired from message preached at FiveStones Church, a study of Nehemiah 4.

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    Thanks Christin! I really appreciate you!

  • Rosann

    Love, love, LOVE it!  :)   Tweeting this out.  Every man out there who’s married or has kids needs to be reminded of this.  It’s not just about taking care of your family financially, it’s about caring for them spiritually too.   


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    I just followed you from G+. Great post here – consider me one new RSS subscriber!

  • http://www.myoneresolution.com/ Don McAllister

    Thanks! I appreciate the nice comments! It is very true though, men have to realize their are spiritual forces in play, waging war against their family.

  • http://www.myoneresolution.com/ Don McAllister

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  • http://www.myoneresolution.com/ Don McAllister

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  • http://www.myoneresolution.com/ Don McAllister

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